Internet Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

(A new book in writing)

By Zongqing Zhou, PhD

Niagara University


Chapter 1          Overview: Internet Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

    • The impact of Internet Marketing in Hospitality and tourism
    • The role of Internet Marketing
    • The Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing: an Integrated Approach
    • Technology and Internet marketing
    • Internet marketing environment: privacy, copyright, online security and consumer behavior
    • Looking into the future of Internet Marketing
    • Conclusion


Chapter 2          Principles of Internet Marketing

    • Internet Marketing Defined
    • Integrated marketing Approach to Internet Marketing
    • Target Segmentation and customization
    • The implication of 24/7
    • The Global Village
    • The power and the role of the online consumers
    • Conclusion


Chapter 3          Planning Internet Marketing

    • Process of Planning Internet Marketing
    • Internet Marketing Mix
    • The Goals of Internet Marketing
    • Selection of Internet Marketing tools
    • Analysis of customers
    • Conclusion


Chapter 4          Online Consumer Behavior

    • Demographics of online consumers
    • Psychographics of online consumer
    • The power of online consumers
    • The trust factor of online consumers
    • The culture factor of online consumers
    • Conclusion


Chapter 5          Internet marketing and Ecommerce

    • The role of Interne Marketing in Ecommerce
    • Ecommerce defined
    • Ecommerce Models
    • Intranet and Extranet
    • Online customer service relationship management
    • Developing marketing strategies for different models
    • Conclusion


Chapter 6          Internet marketing techniques

    • Pull and Push marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Newsletter marketing
    • Banners marketing
    • Affiliate marketing programs
    • Viral marking
    • Web portal marketing
    • Mailing list marketing
    • Newsgroup marketing
    • Sponsorship marketing
    • Webcast marketing
    • Blog marketing
    • Search engine marketing
    • Adverting network marketing
    • Conclusion


Chapter 7          Website as a marketing tool

    • Website construction Plan
    • Website creation process
    • Optimizing websites for search engine
    • Website marketing plan
    • Website marketing strategies and techniques
    • Website am extended customer service center
    • Website effectiveness measurement
    • Conclusion


Chapter 8          Search Engine Marketing

    • Search Engine Defined
    • Understanding search engines
    • Search engine advertising pricing structure
    • Search engine optimization
    • Conclusion


Chapter 9          Social Media Marketing

    • Social Media Defined
    • Impact of Social Media
    • Business Usage of Social Media
    • Social Media Monitoring and Manipulation
    • Social Media Marketing Techniques
    • Issues in Social Media Marketing
    • Conclusion

Chapter 10           Email Marketing

    • Email marketing defined
    • Email marketing planning
    • Email marketing process
    • Email marketing strategies
    • Permission email marketing
    • Customization and personalization in email marketing
    • Measuring the effectiveness of email marketing
    • Conclusion


Chapter 11        Online Destination Marketing

    • From Print media to online marketing
    • Destination Marketing Organizations
    • CVBs and Meeting Planners
    • Online Marketing Strategies
    • Conclusion


Chapter 12        Privacy, Copyright and ethics in Internet marketing

    • The legal environment of internet marketing
    • The social environment of internet marketing
    • Spams and scams and their impact in internet marketing
    • The building of trust in internet marketing
    • Conclusion

Chapter 13        Internet Marketing Tracking and Research

    • Internet marketing research defined
    • Categorization of internet marketing research methods
    • Internet marketing research planning
    • Collecting data online
    • Analyzing online data
    • Advertising tracking research
    • Measuring online advertising effectiveness
    • Conclusion


Chapter 14        The future of Internet Marketing

    • New technologies and internet marketing
    • Technology development trends
    • New Paradigms and new strategies
    • Forecasting the future
    • conclusion