The Promise of Niagara

William Gacioch and Family Make $2 Million Gift to Niagara University

February 1, 2012

William Gacioch

Niagara University announced today that it has received a $2 million gift from William Gacioch, ’61, and his family for the renovation of Meade Hall, which will be renamed the Gacioch Family Alumni and Admissions Center. 

“Bill Gacioch’s continuing commitment to Niagara University is very inspiring,” said the Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., president of Niagara University. “He has served the university in a number of ways, including his membership on the Board of Trustees. His support of the Meade Hall project is very personal for him and the development of the Gacioch Family Center will ensure his legacy on the Niagara campus.”

As a freshman in 1957, Bill Gacioch knew that he could only afford his first year at Niagara, so he met with the Rev. Edward Burke, C.M., to discuss his financial options. Gacioch was selected to participate in the university’s newly developed work-study program. He was assigned to Meade Hall, the residence of the Vincentians, where he waited tables and manned the switchboard for four years.

“My parents believed in good schools and my mother encouraged me to look at Niagara even though we didn’t have the money,” said Gacioch. “Father Burke was very instrumental to my education, and my experience working in Meade Hall had a direct impact on who I am today.”

Gacioch is extremely appreciative of this work-study assistance, and also of the education he received while attending Niagara.

“Niagara was critical in helping me realize what I could do and how to do it, and guided me in the right direction,” said Gacioch. “I continue to be very impressed with every aspect of Niagara – the quality of the alumni, the academics and the current students. I believe in giving back to help others and, through this gift, our entire family is making an investment in Niagara.”

The donation from the Gacioch family is a part of Niagara University’s $80 million capital campaign, “The Promise of Niagara…The next 150 years,” which is nearing completion. In 1999, the Gaciochs donated $1 million to the renovation of St. Vincent’s Hall on the Niagara campus.

Niagara University presented Bill Gacioch with an honorary degree in 2007 and the university’s prestigious Dunleavy Award in 2011. Bill and his wife, Nancy, were presented with the Father John J. Lynch Award in 2000, and the Gacioch family was honored with the St. Vincent de Paul Award at the Niagara University President’s Dinner in 2010. 

Bill Gacioch is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of National Property Management Associates Inc. Gacioch’s son, Michael, serves as president while his son, David, is senior vice president of the IT Department. Bill’s daughter, Katherine Hannon, is senior vice president of human relations. 

Gacioch Family Alumni and Admissions Center

For more than 80 years, Meade Hall served as the residence of the Vincentian priests and brothers who staffed the university. It was originally called Our Lady of Angels Faculty House because it housed the faculty of the College and Seminary of Our Lady of Angels. The three-story building was rededicated in 1967 in honor of the Rev. Francis L. Meade, C.M. (1894-1958), who served from 1947 to 1957 as the 16th president of the university.

The Gacioch Family Alumni and Admissions Center will be a mission critical facility for Niagara University. Through the development of the Gacioch Center, prospective students and their families will have the opportunity to learn the strengths of the academic programs and feel the heritage of Niagara alive in the building. 

The renovation schedule for the Gacioch Center will be announced at a future date.