The Promise of Niagara

Why now?

The legacy of niagara university is your legacy
you have created our history. And you will shape our future.

Niagara University is so much more than the 29 buildings and 55 academic programs housed on Monteagle Ridge. It is an ever-growing tapestry of experiences woven by countless individuals over a century and a half.

Somewhere along the way, you contributed an integral piece to that fabric, perhaps as one of the many students who formed your view of the world here or as one of our valued friends who recognizes the far-reaching impact of this institution. Regardless of how you became a member of our family, we are extremely grateful. The symbiotic relationship between Niagara and individuals like you is a remarkable thing, indeed. This is a special place where one person can affect so many others so positively, while also realizing so many benefits in return. Here, you have the rare opportunity to be a part of something larger than yourself. Now, we need the support of alumni and friends like you. Niagara University has embarked on an ambitious campaign to begin our next 150 years.

Your support allows us to continue to build upon our tradition of excellence, rooted in the highest academic standards and moral and ethical values. This campaign enables us to prepare future generations of students for a lifetime of learning in ways never before imaginable.