The following images are listed in the order in which they appear in the book.

His Holiness, Pope Pius X (before title page)

North View of Main Building (between pages 2 and 3)

Right Rev. Charles H. Colton, D.D. (between pages 8 and 9)

Rear View of Buildings (between pages 12 and 13)

South View of Buildings (between pages 16 and 17)

The New Gymnasium (between pages 28 and 29)

South View of Main Building (between pages 42 and 43)

Alumni Hall (between pages 94 and 95)

Right Rev. John Timon, C.M., D.D. (between pages 108 and 109)

Right Rev. S.V. Ryan, C.M., D.D. (between pages 116 and 117)

Most Rev. James E. Quigley, D.D. (between pages 134 and 135)

Most Rev. John J. Lynch, C.M., D.D. (between pages 158 and 159)

Very Rev. John O'Reilly, C.M. (between pages 166 and 167)

Very Rev. Thomas J. Smith, V.C.M. (between pages 168 and 169)

Very Rev. R.E.V. Rice, C.M. (between pages 176 and 177)

Castleknock Graveyard, Where Father Rice was Buried (between pages 194 and 195)

Very Rev. P.V. Kavanagh, C.M. (between pages 198 and 199)

Community Graveyard (between pages 242 and 243)

Very Rev. P.S. McHale, C.M. (between pages 244 and 245)

Very Rev. W.F. Likly, C.M. (between pages 254 and 255)

Rev. Quinn, C.M., Rev. Grace, C.M., Rev. Maher, C.M., and Rev. Cribbins, C.M. (between pages 256 and 257)

Rev. Hickey, C.M., Rev. Eckles, C.M., Rev. Hartnett, C.M., and Rev. Walters, C.M. (between pages 261 and 262)

Rev. O'Brien, C.M., Rev. Kennedy, C.M., Rev. Piper, C.M., and Rev. Farrell, C.M. (between pages 266 and 277)

Rev. Maye, C.M., Rev. Lynch, C.M., Rev. Corcoran, C.M., and Rev. Walsh, C.M. (between pages 272 and 273)

Rev. Sedgwick, C.M., D.D., Rev. Rosensteel, C.M., Rev. Chesnut, C.M., and Rev. Carman, C.M. (between pages 276 and 277)

Right Rev. James J. Hartley, D.D. (between pages 284 and 285)

Right Rev. Thomas F. Lillis, D.D. (between pages 288 and 289)

North View of Niagara River (between pages 332 and 333)

History of The Seminary of Our Lady of Angels
Niagara University
Niagara County, N.Y.

Compiled by the Present Faculty

(Digitized by Lucy Bungo)

Below you will find the digitized version of the Golden Jubilee History of The Seminary of Our Lady of Angels, published in 1906.

Title Page
Dedication Page
Table of Contents
The Congregation of the Mission in the United States
History of the College and Seminary of Our Lady of Angels
Chapter 1
Establishment of a College on Lake Shore Near Buffalo--Fathers Lynch, C.M., and Monaghan, C.M., The Sole Faculty--Visit to Niagara Falls--Purchase of the Vedder Farm, 100 Acres, Midway Between Suspension Bridge and Lewiston--No Funds, Yet Another Purchase of 200 Acres from the De Veaux Estate--"The Folly of the Cross"--Father McGuinness and the Miraculous Ten Thousand Dollars--Bishop Timon Gives Advice--Bishop Loughlin Solves A Difficulty.
Chapter 2
Father Lynch Appointed Coadjutor of Toronto--Death of Father McGuinness--Incorporation of Seminary--Officers Elected-- Some Well-Known Names--New York State Legislature Petitioned to Grant a Charter to the Seminary--Text of the Charter--Some Events of the Early '60's--Burning of the Seminary.
Chapter 3
Rebuilding of the Seminary--Present South Wing Opened for Studies--Distinguished Visitors Present--Cornerstone of Main Building Laid--New Trials--Generous Friends--Niagara's Aid to Poor Students--More Prosperous Times--The New Gymnasium.
Chapter 4
Silver Jubilee of the Seminary--Morning Exercises--Dignitaries Present--Afternoon Exercises--Alumni Association Formed--Alumni Gaudeamus.
Chapter 5
Our Silver Jubilee (Continued)--Address of Archibishop Lynch--The Music--Letters of Regret--Father Alizeri's Latin Jubilee Poem.
Chapter 6
Change of Title--"Niagara University"--Text of Charter--School of Medicine Established--Historical Sketch by Dr. Hubbell--Report of the "Buffalo Express" on the Eleventh Commencement of the Medical School.
Chapter 7
Niagara University (Continued)--School of Law Established--Notable Petitioners--Our Attitude Towards Special Schools--"Buffalo Courier's" Report of Law School's First Commencement.
Chapter 8
History of Alumni Chapel--Opened for Regular Service--Decorated and Solemnly Reopened--Ceremonies on that Occasion--List of Visitors --Destroyed by Fire--Rebuilt and Converted into Alumni Hall--New Accomodations for Our Societies.
Chapter 9
Right Rev. John Timon, C.M., D.D., First Bishop of Buffalo
Chapter 10
Right Rev. Stephen Vincent Ryan, C.M., D.D., Second Bishop of Buffalo, First Chancellor of Niagara University
Chapter 11
Rt Rev. James Edward Quigley, D.D., Third Bishop of Buffalo - Second Chancellor of Niagara University
Chapter 12
Rt Rev. Charles Henry Colton, D.D., Fourth Bishop of Buffalo - Third Chancellor of Niagara University
Chapter 13
Very Rev. John Joseph Lynch, C.M., First President--Rev. John Monaghan, C.M., Rev. Thomas J. Smith, C.M., Rev. Dennis Leyden, C.M.--Our First Students
Chapter 14
Rt. Rev. John O'Reilly, C.M., Second President of Niagara
Chapter 15
Very Rev. Thomas J. Smith, V.C.M., Third President of Niagara
Chapter 16
Very Rev. Robert E.V. Rice, C.M., Fourth President of Niagara
Chapter 17
Very Rev. Patrick V. Kavanagh, C.M., Fifth President
Chapter 18
Father Kavanagh's Silver Jubilee--His Departure from Niagara--His Sickness, Death, and Burial
Chapter 19
Very Rev. Patrick S. McHale, C.M., Sixth President
Chapter 20
Very Rev. William F. Likly, C.M., Seventh President
Chapter 21
Rt Rev. James J. Hartley, D.D., 1882
Chapter 22
Sodality of the Blessed Virgin

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