The following images are listed in the order in which they appear in the book.

The President, Very Reverend J.J. O'Byrne

Niagara Falls

Seminary of Our Lady of Angels as It was 1857-1862

The Vice President, Rev. Arthur J. Flood

As Canada Views Us a Mile Away

The Treasurer, Rev. Dana J. Duggan

Administration Building

The Director of the Seminarary, Rev. Thomas F. Flynn, C.M., M.A.

Eastern Driveway

The Dean of the College, Rev. James L. Walsh, C.M., M.A.

Alumni Chapel After Its Second Fire of '13

The Dean of the Graduate School, University Extension, Rev. J. Danial Lawler, C.M., A.M.

St. Vincent's Hall, O'Donohue Memorial, Likly Manor, Faculty House

The Director of Missions, Rev. Joeseph V. O'Connor, C.M.

Seminary Rapids

The Prefect of Discipline, Rev. Thomas D. O'Connor, C.M., A.M., PH.D.

Faculty House

Part of Southern Section of Front Line Buildings

The Director of Music, Prof. J. Ernest Rieger, Mus. Doc., Has Been with Us for Forty-Six Years


Prof. Geo. B. Banks, C.C., Has Been With Us for Eleven Years

Seminary Gymnasium

The Dean of the College of Business Administration Prof. John R. Wilkinson, B.B.A.

The College Band

The Right Rev. John J. O'Shea, C.M., Bishop of Kanchow, China

Governor Alfred E. Smith Addressing the Graduates of 1928

National Convention, Catholic Students' Mission Crusade -- The Pageant of Initiation -- June, 1931

The Rev. James Hanrahan, President of Alumni

Our Soldiers of 1918

The Dreamer Hath His Dreams

Founders and presidents to 1901

Presidents from 1901 to 1929

History of Niagara University
Seminary of Our Lady of Angels

J.P. McKey, C.M.


(Digitized by Charles Keyes)

Below you will find the digitized version of the Diamond Jubilee History of Niagara University published in 1931. To view the chapters, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Please note that these pdf files files are large and will take a few minutes to download with a dial-up modem. The files under "Images" on the left side of this page are in jpeg or gif formats and should be viewable within your browser.


I. Dry Goods--and Wet Goods
Pages 1 to 10

II. The Voice of Many Waters
Pages 11-24

III. Clashing Arms and Warring Rapids
Pages 25-35
Pages 36-45

IV. How Far to Niagara Falls
Pages 46-53

V. Mulum Virumque
Pages 54-65

VI. The Great Divide
Pages 66-84

VII. Hic Habitabo, Quonaim Elegi EAM
Pages 85-104

VIII. "God Answers Sharp and Sudden on Some Prayers, and Thrusts the Thing We Prayed For In Our Face"
Pages 105-125

IX. "If I Laugh at any Mortal Thing, Tis that I May not Weep"
Pages 126-139

X. "And There Followed hail and Fire, Mingled with Blood"
Pages 140-152

XI. The Commencement of '62
Pages 153-178

XII. The Days of Reconstruction
Pages 179-193

XIII. The Dawn of Prosperity
Pages 194-211

XIV. The Mysteries Sorrowful and Glorious
Pages 212-227

XV. The New Niagara
Pages 228-254

XVI. The Crusaders of Wits and Whacks and Worship
Pages 255-267

XVII. Dreamings
Pages 268-287

The Song of the Rapids
Page 288

The Present Faculty
Pages 289-292
Their thumbnail photos and biographies, Pages 293-316

Past Faculty Who are Still Living
Pages 317-339

Past Faculty Who Have Died Since the Golden Jubilee of 1906
Pages 340-348

1856-1931, Niagara University Faculty and Administrators
Pages 349-374

Alphabetical Index of Names
Pages 375-377

Copyright: Niagara University

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