Selected Illustrations
The following images (in jpeg format) are listed in the order in which they appear in the book.

View from Prospect Point

View of Niagara Strait and Parts Adjacent

Buffalo from Above Fort Erie

Mansion House

Western Hotel

B. Rathbun

Buffalo Exchange

Ruins of Fort Erie

Schlosser Landing

Chart of Niagara Falls, the Shores & Islands, 1842

Eagle Hotel

Mr. S. Hooker

Cataract Hotel

Niagara Falls Hotel

Clifton Hotel

Lewiston Landing

Fort Massasauga

Fort Niagara

Chart of the Falls, 1842

Bridge to Bath Island

The Three Profiles

View from Biddle Stairs

Entrance to the Cave of the Winds

Table Rock from Below

View from Above Table Rock, Canada Side

Mineral Spring

Devil's Hole from Below

Ferry at Lewiston

Present Appearance of Brock's Monument

Outlook of Whirlpool, Canada Side

The Steamboat Caroline

Arrarat, a City of Refuge for the Jews

Pictorial Guide
to the
Falls of Niagara:

Manual for Visiters,
Giving and Account of this
Stupendous Natural Wonder;
and all
The Objects of Curiosity in its Vicinity;
With Every
Historical Incident of Interest:
Also Full Directions for Visiting the Cataract
and its Neighboring Scenes.

Illustrated by Numerous
Maps, Charts, and Engravings,
From Original Surveys and Designs.

The Illustrations Designed and Engraved
by J.W. Orr.

Press of Salisbury and Clapp.

Part I: Niagara Strait and the Bordering Settlements
  • Chapter I (pdf--360 k)
    The Cataract--How Formed--River--St. Lawrence--Supply of Waters-- Situation of the Falls--Origin and Meaning of the Name--Climate--Animate and Inanimate Life--General Aspect--Natural Religion--Inducements to Visiters--Routes of Approach.

  • Chapter II (pdf--548 k)
    Buffalo--Its Situation--Harbour--Light House--History--Buildings--Hotels--Rathbun-- His Enterprise--Forgeries--Imprisonment--Steam and Other Boats--Government Works-- Excursions--Rail-Roads--Conveyance to the Falls.

  • Chapter III (pdf--337 k)
    Fort Erie--Situation and Architecture--Surrender--Siege--Ruins--Waterloo-- Black Rock--Rivalry--General Porter--Tonawanda--Village and Creek--Catfish and Agues-- Schlosser Landing--Chippewa--Creek--Battle-Ground--Fort Schlosser.

  • Chapter IV (pdf--504 k)
    Village of Niagara Falls--Eagle Hotel--Mr. Hooker and Sons--Cataract Hotel--Gen. Whitney--Niagara Falls Hotel--Rathbun's Enterprise--City of the Falls-- Clifton--Clifton House--Col. Chrysler--Pavilion Hotel--Camera Obscura--Museum-- Etc.

  • Chapter V (pdf--354 k)
    Mountain Plain--Lewiston--Queenston--Youngstown--Niagara Village--Fort George--Fort Massasauga--Fort Niagara--Traditions--Indian Incursions--Surprisal--Abduction and Murder of Morgan--Repairs--Additions and Armament.

  • Chapter VI (pdf--295 k)
    Niagara Strait--Breadth--Depth--Rapids--General Appearance--Navigation--Steamboats--Fulton--Islands--Grand Island--Boston Timber Company--Village--Mills--Vessels Destroyed--Buck-Horn Island--Navy Island--Military Occupation.

  • Chapter VII (pdf--485 k)
    Niagara River--Course and Velocity--Loveliness--Diversions and Characteristics-- Height of Banks--Depth--Breadth--Descent of the Stream--Retrocession of the Falls--Concluding Remarks.

Part II: The Cataract and Other Objects of Curiosity

  • Chapter I (pdf--681 k)
    Apostrophe to the Falls--First Feeling--General Features--The Rapids--Cascades-- Form and Size of the Cataract--Spray--The Abyss--Water Carried Over--Roar-- Barometrical--Vibrations of the Earth--Hues and Tints--Scenery--Summer--Autumn-- Winter--Ice-Bridge--Design of the Creator.

  • Chapter II (pdf--398 k)
    Preliminary Remarks--Directions--Prospect Point--View of Canada Side--View on the American Side--Prospect Place--American Fall--Ware's Observatory--Bridge to Bath Island--Toll House--Mr. Jacob's--Mastodon Tooth--Ship and Brig Islands--Lover's Retreat--Popping the Question.

  • Chapter III (pdf--346 k)
    Iris Island--Names, Initials and Dates on the Trees--The Hog's Back--Central Fall--Prospect Island--View of the American Fall--Other Islands--Profiles on the Rock--Rainbow--Terrapin Bridge and Rocks--Horse-Shoe Fall--Prospect Tower.

  • Chapter IV (pdf--592 k)
    Biddle Stair-Case--Angling--Sam Patch--Mr. Smith--Fancied Danger--British Fall--Lower Fishing-Rock--Cave of the Winds--Foot of Prospect Island--Passing Under the American Fall--Circuit of the Island--Encroachment of the River--Moss Island-- Three Sisters--Head of Iris Island--Mounds and Skeletons.

  • Chapter V (pdf--692 k)
    Perry Stairs--Catlin's Cave--Giant Cave--View from the River--Road up the Bank--Grand View of the Falls--View from Table Rock--Table Rock--Disruptions--Varied Appearance of the Fall--Starkey's Rooms--Staircase--View from Below--Termination Rock--Museum--Cam.Obscu.--Iris Island at Night.

  • Chapter VI (pdf--504 k)
    Remarks and Advice--Good Counsel--Public Garden--Road Down the Bank--Indian Ladder--Point View--Mineral Spring--View of the Cataract--Whirlpool Rapids-- Whirlpool Lodge--Whirlpool--Bodies--Descent--Varied Aspect--Raft in the Whirlpool--Devils Hole--Hewlett's Cellar--Lewiston Heights.

  • Chapter VII (pdf--584 K)
    Queenston Heights--Brock's Monument--Blown Up--Cove or Chasm--Whirlpool-- Bencackie Point--View From--Muddy Run--Cascade--Bank Opposite--Bender's Cave--Improvements--Channel--Lundy's Lane--Street's Point--Burning Spring--Bridgewater-- Chippewa--Battle-Ground--Concluding Remarks.

Part III: Historical Sketch with Accidents and Adventures

  • Chapter I (pdf--630 k)
    Early History of the Falls--French Establishments--Expedition of La Salle--Hennepin's Tour of Exploration--Other Visiters--Changes in the Cataract--Want of Data, Etc.

  • Chapter II (pdf--295 k)
    Accidents at the Falls--Traditionary Reminiscence--Loss of the Boat Independence--Other Casualties--Death of Dr. Hungerford--Concluding Remarks.

  • Chapter III (pdf--301 k)
    Vessels Sent Over the Falls--Schooner Michigan--Schooner Superior--Ship Detroit--Sublime Spectacle--Adventurous Daring--Danger and Rescue of Chapin--Of Allen--The Meed of Merit.

  • Chapter IV (pdf--616 k)
    Patriot Occupation of Navy Island--Employ of the Caroline--Misrepresentation and Resolve--Caroline Attached--Durfee Murdered--Vessel Fired and Sent Over the Falls--Evacuation of the Island.

  • Chapter V (pdf--302 k)
    Hermit of the Falls--His Arrival at Niagara--Effect of the Scenery--His Habits, Manners, and Endowments--Residence and Death--Other Particulars.

  • Chapter VI (pdf--465 k)
    Massacre at the Devil's Hole--British Convoy--Indian Ambuscade--Attack, Surprise, Defeat, Catastrophe--Escape of Steadman and One Other--Relics, Etc.

  • Chapter VII (pdf--408 k)
    Noah's Folly--Brilliant Conception--Unparalleled Proclamation--Magnificant Pageantry--Memorials of these Wonderful Events--Sublime Finale.

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