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Welcome. I'm Professor of
Computer and Information Sciences at

Niagara University


Snail mail:
     Department of Computer and Information Sciences
     Niagara University, NY 14109

Phone: (716) 286-8447
Fax: (716) 286-8298

Office location: Dunleavy 118
Office Hours - Summer, 2017: Irregular, as I'm not teaching this summer. Email for an appointment.



"All our students give us great pleasure -- some when they arrive, others when they leave." -- Dr. Richard A. Hubbard, II
My courses cover:
  • Programming languages
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • "Computer literacy" - intro to computer use for nonmajors

You should learn parallel programming

Syllabus (The S Files)
  • CIS 232 - Microcomputer Applications for Business I
  • CIS 301 - Object Oriented Programming I
  • CIS 302 - Object Oriented Programming II
"For this commandment ... is not too hard for thee.... the word is very nigh unto thee, ... that thou mayest do it." -- Deuteronomy XXX, 11, 14
CIS 232